Multilingual Preventive Health Guide in order to inform and raise the awareness of immigrants

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The Centre for European Constitutional Law – Themistokles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation, has commissioned a Multilingual Preventive Health Guide in order to inform and raise awareness of the immigrant population. The purpose of the Preventive Guide is to provide reliable information to the immigrants in relation to measures necessary for preventive health, depending on gender and age, as well as the possible risks involved and to provide substantive and procedural information about the organization and structure of the health system in Greece and the relative rights of immigrants. Information is provided on the operation of primary and secondary health care in Greece, the responsibilities of key services relating to foreigners and immigrants, the procedures for conducting examinations and treatments, as well as contact details of the relevant bodies they can appeal to. The Guide will be available not only in Greek, but also in English, French, Romanian, Albanian, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Tagalog, Hindi and Bangla. The project was implemented within the framework of the Annual Programme 2010 of the European Integration Fund for Third Party Nationals.  

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