Xenophon I. Contiades

Professor Xenophon I. Contiades 
Xenophon Contiades is Professor of Public Law at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and Managing Director of the “Centre for European Constitutional Law – Themistokles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation”. He teaches at the Hellenic Open University and the National School of Public Administration. He is lawyer at the Supreme Court and member of the Athens Bar Association.
He has studied Law in Athens and Munich. His doctoral thesis concerned the constitutional validation of the social state and social rights. His scientific-research interests are focused on the fields of Public Law and Public Policies, while an important part of his work pertains to issues of social administration and social protection institutions.
He has publiched so far twenty books and eighty articles, and has supervised the scientific editorship of thirteen volumes.
He has participated as scientific supervisor, researcher or expert in a large number of European and national research programmes and projects for the transfer of institutional know-how to third countries. 

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