Department of Education

The Centre for European Constitutional Law designs and implements comprehensive training programs in the context of its objectives and fields of activity. 

These programs offer the opportunity for lawyers, professionals and business executives to respond quickly and effectively to new legal and business frameworks. Our programs provide specialized knowledge and equip participants with new skills. 

The target groups of the training programs provided by the Centre are:
• experienced legal practitioners
• trainees and young lawyers 
• experienced senior and middle level business executives 
• junior executives and
•all professionals dealing with legal issues. 

The programs cover a wide range of issues in the field of legal science, while also aiming to meet the needs of modern business. 

The training programs are distinguished with regards to:
• the recipients
• the method of implementation 
• the subject matter 

I. Categories of beneficiaries: 

Specifically, the program areas are divided according to their recipients in two categories. 

a. Legal practitioners
Nowadays lawyers, notaries and judges are required to stay informed on ongoing legislative, judicial and scientific developments in their field. At the same time, basic skills in non-legal issues such as computing, negotiation techniques, basic principles of project management, etc. are considered indispensable 

The seminars pertain to either legal or non legal issues necessary for the exercise of the above professions. 

Many non-legal professions intersect with legal issues, the handling of which requires knowledge of essential elements from various branches of the law (commercial, civil, administrative, fiscal, labor, criminal, etc.) and information on current developments in those fields 

The seminars are addressed to non-lawyers, who in the course of their work are confronted with legal issues. 

II Types of training programs 

A. Inter-company training 

(Open programs, including conferences, seminars and workshops) 

In order to cover a large part of the contemporary needs of legal practitioners and business executives, the Center offers a broad range of open (inter-company) educational programs. 

These programs cover virtually every activity of modern legal practitioners and business executives. They are implemented through seminars and educational workshops. All programs are designed and developed with emphasis on practical training. 

The Center collaborates with high-level trainers and professors who have extensive professional experience and publishing activity in their field of expertise as well as long-term teaching experience, both in higher education and in specialized training courses. 

The number of participants in an open seminar depends on its respective object and educational standards. Emphasis is given to the quality of services in order to achieve the best possible outcome for each participant. 

The programs are implemented in specially configured hotel rooms or in specially configured rooms in the premises of the Centre. 

Most programs are short term, taking into account the availability of participants (8 to 16 hours). 

B. In-house training (Seminars – Workshops) 

In-house training focuses on individual firms, taking into account the specific objectives and problems faced 

In designing and implementing in-house seminars we take into account among others: 

• Training needs assessment
• Designing of the programme and educational material, selection of instructors and training venues
• Coordination and implementation of the programme by experienced high-level legal practitioners and other highly experienced scientists
• Program evaluation by participants
• Evaluation Report by the instructors to the firm 

C. Sectoral training (conferences, seminars, workshops) 

These programs are aimed at executives working in the same field, and their objective is to address problems faced collectively by the field at hand. 

D. Consulting Services 

The Centre is active in the field of providing counselling to professionals and companies, in order to design specialized training services or to provide other legal advice services. 

III. Training material- Certification 

In every seminar participants are provided with a seminar folder including notes, selected scientific articles, case studies, legislation and case material, models and other informational material. 

Also upon completion of every training programme, participants receive a Certificate by the Centre, stating the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills. 

For employees who are insured by IKA the cost of the training may be subsidized by LAEK 0.45% 

IV. Information 

If you wish to be included in the mailing for upcoming seminars, please send your information (name, title, phone, e-mail) to the email address or by fax at: 210-33.90.522 or call 210-36.23.506, 36.23.089, 36.23.029. For information – RSVPs please contact Mrs Beatrice Giannoglou.