Practitioner Training on Roadmap Rights

May 2014 – July 2016

Origin of funding
European Commission – DG Justice


The overall objective of this project is to provide defence lawyers from various EU Member States with in-person training, written tools, and peer-to-peer support in order to assist them in the effective use of EU criminal justice legislation – in particular, the Directives passed under the procedural rights Roadmap. By working with local criminal justice experts, we want to engage members of the legal profession in a wide variety of Member States and deliver high-quality training designed to increase awareness of the Directives and increase awareness of how they can be used in practice to address persistent barriers within domestic systems.
Outputs will include: i) increased knowledge of Roadmap Directives; ii) networking and exchange of ideas practice examples; iii) 240 lawyers trained in-person and many more through online media; iv) improved knowledge for domestic training providers.
Deliverables will include: i) an engaging new webpage with training modules and testimonies from experienced lawyers; ii) training materials; and iii) feedback forms for all course participants

Implementing Institutions

  • Fair Trials International (UK)
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law