Technical Assistance for further assistance for the National School of Clerks – Romania

December 2006 – October 2007


The objective of the project is the provision of technical assistance in order to support the further development of the National School of Clerks (NSC), by improving its constitutional capacity and training policy. Specifically, the aim of the project is to build a professional judicial system and strengthen the professional skills of the Romanian clerks through: 

Strengthening the existing NSC network of trainers, on the following topics: a) European judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, b) European Convention on Human Rights, c) commercial law, d) family law and protection of minors, e) public relations and communication, assisting for the development of curricula for continuous training seminars as well as for developing a system of evaluation of trainees;

  1. Continuous training sitting clerks in the above mentioned fields;
  2. Elaborating of practical guides on specific topics;
  3. Carrying out 2 study visits,
  4. Organising regional conference in Bucharest.

Implementing Institutions

  • Human Dynamics, Austria
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece
  • Center for Legal Resources, Romania