TA to the Business Environment Simplification Programme (BESP) in the Syrian Arab Republic

December 2008 – December 2012


The overall objective of BESP is to contribute to the Syrian economic reform programme through the improvement and simplification of the business environment in line with national requirements.

This project (Technical Assistance to the Business Environment Simplification Programme – BESP) aims at providing incremental resources to contribute to a process that the Syrian government has included in its reform agenda and has already started to implement with a focus on improving the regulatory and administrative framework for business.

The project is focused on three main components: 1) capacity building, 2) harmonisation and simplification of business related procedures procedures and legislation and 3) support to the regulatory body

Implementing Institutions

  • Eurenca S.r.I., Italy
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece
  • Jacobs and Associates Europe Ltd, Ireland
  • Crescendo UK, Britain