Support to Justice – Kosovo

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May 2006 – October 2008

EAR (CARDS 2005)

The overall objectives of the project are to assist the development and strengthening of effective justice structures and policies in Kosovo and to guarantee a space of freedom, security and justice for all Kosovo’s citizens, in accordance with EU standards and best practices. To this aim the project will support the establishment of the Ministry of Justice and other in-stitutions of the justice sector, provide strategic advice and support to the new Ministry of Justice and other institutions in the justice sector to effectively execute their responsibilities in the areas of justice. The project comprises the following components: a) Ministry of Justice capacity building b) Drafting legislation and amendments of laws and bylaws related to the structure and role of the MoJ c) Training development and implementation d) Improvement of the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Kosovo e) Adequate safeguards for the interests of minority communities in the Kosovo Judicial System.

Implementing Institutions

  • Human Dynamics, Austria
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law
  • European Institute for Public Administration, Maastricht
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