Study Tour “Serving Citizens Better through one-stop-shops; the Greek experience”

October 2010 – October 2010

Governorate of Damascus

The study tour targeted 20 executives of the Syrian public administration, in particular of the Governorate of Damascus and its objective was the presentation of the setup and function of the Greek Citizens’ Service Centres (KEP). Through a number of relative presentations and visits to specific Citizens’ Service Centers, the participants had the opportunity to understand the importance of the centers and their overall setup and operation. Furthermore, through interaction with the employees of the centres, the executives explored the concept of “social” service centres and also their effective and direct contribution to servicing the public. The specific objectives of the undertaking were to examine the role of Greek citizens service centres; to examine ways in which the social service centres ameliorate the transactions between public and administration; to familiarize participants with recent and continuing initiatives –such as the Common Assessment Framework- in order to modernize the existing services of KEP, to compare the Greek with the Syrian experience in one-stop-shops and help them consider the implications of applying the Greek experience to their own country and to develop practical strategies for initiating relevant and sustainable ideas to improve or create similar one-stop-shop social centres.

Implementing Institutions

  • Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL), Greece