Rigas Network – Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, F.Y.R.Macedonia, Romania

November 1998 – September 2002

Hellenic Ministry of National Economy in the framework of the “Provision of bilateral development assistance according to the activities of the Development Assistance Committee-D.A.C. of the O.E.C.D. 

It was the intention of this Programme to establish cross-border scientific links among the States of the South-eastern European region and transfer institutional know-how in the fields of the rule of law, electoral law, law of the political parties, parliamentary law, the institutions of market economy, structure of public administration, social policy protection and European integration. Participating parties come from Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Romania. The project involved the following activities: Scientific Conferences, Workshops, Reports on legislative reforms, Training Seminars for the projects’ resident associates and the construction of a Data Bank. The Programme was held in Athens, Greece. The projects’ participants have formed a Network (“Rigas Network”), functioning as an Observatory for constitutional and legislative reforms in Southeastern Europe.

Implementing Institutions
The Centre for European Constitutional Law was responsible for the scientific co-ordination of the Project.