Provision of technical assistance for the enforcement of the privatization process, support of small or medium undertakings, the establishment of an Organization of External Commerce and the promotion of exportation in Bulgaria.

January 1998 – June 1999

Greek Ministry of National Economy

The programme’s objective was the provision of technical assistance to the Bulgarian State in order to establish the Bulgarian Organization for the promotion of Exports. The provision of technical assistance was chan-nelled through six smaller scaled programmes, with the following objectives: upgrading of the W.T.O.´s Office in Bulgaria, determination of the exportation potentials of the country, seminars held for the high-ranking staff in the field of exportation of goods, establishment of a credit system for the exportation of goods, technical assistance for the organization of expeditions, establishment of a support unit for exportation.

Implementing Institutions

  • Centre for European Constitutional Law
  • Export Promotion Board