Provision of Support towards the Constitutional Court in Uzbekistan

April 1997 – December 1997

TACIS EC, code no. 96-5596

The project’s long-term objective was to offer consultation on the issue of democratization process in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The short-term objective was to provide immediate assistance to the newly created Constitutional Court by streamlining the competencies and the administrative structure of the Court. The project also involved consultation, training of judges via seminars and workshops as well as the provision of technical assistance for the reorganization of the Courts’ library.

Implementing Institutions

  • Centre for European Constitutional Law
  • Institute of German and Foreign Law of Political Parties of Hagen University
  • German Institute for Federalism, Hannover
  • Legal Information Centre of Constitutional Law of the Repub-lic of Slovenia
  • Central European University of Budapest
  • Warsaw University, Poland Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw