Further deepening of democratic reforms in Uzbekistan

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April 2004 – April 2006

European Commission, EuropeAid/116336/C/SV/UZ-1

The broader objective of the project is to reinforce the development of civil society based on the supremacy of law, principles of human rights and freedom, by providing appropriate technical assistance to the Oliy Majlis in order to improve its relations with citizens after the reform towards a two-chamber system. 

The project is structured on the following components: 

1. Technical Assistance to comparative analysis and drafting of legislation related to democracy, human rights, and civil society; 

2. Policy advice and training to members of the legislative chamber; 

3. Support and policy advice to the secretariat of the Olily Majlis; 

4. Support to the information centre.

Implementing Institutions

  • European Profiles
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law
  • European Perspective
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