Competition and State Aids – Albania

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July 2004 – July 2006

European Commission, Europeaid/117617/C/SV/AL

The project “Support to Competition and State Aids” to the Albanian Ministry of Economy takes place within the context of the Stabilization and Association process between Albania and the EU. The project aims to assist the Albanian authorities and the Competition Authority in particular, in transcending the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) objectives relevant to competition and state aid in the area of current legislation. The technical assistance provided by means of the project will address mainly the following areas: a) enforcing the system of competition regulation; b) strengthening administrative capacity; c) designing and implementing state aid regulations according to Community requirements; d) promoting public awareness on competition and state aids.

Implementing Institutions

  • Human Dynamics, Austria
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law
  • Haus Institute for Public Management, Finland
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