Assistance to the implementation of the National Judicial Reform Strategy – Technical Assistance to the establishment of the High Judicial Council and the High Prosecutorial Council – Serbia

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August 2008 – July 2010

National CARDS Programme 2006 Justice and Home Affaires

The overall objective of this project is to continue supporting the Serbian government in its efforts to develop an independent judiciary in line with European Union and Council of Europe standards and practices; especially to establish, implement and support transfer of responsibilities and mandates from the Ministry of Justice to the (reconstituted) High Judicial Council and the State Prosecutorial Council as well as provide support to the Strategy Implementation Council. The project comprises of the following four components: a)Assistance to the Strategy Implementation Commission, b) Support to the High Judicial Council, c) Support to the State Prosecutorial Council, d) Advocacy – horizontal and cross project issues.

Implementing Institutions

  • European Consultants Organization (ECO), Belgium
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece
  • DMI Associates, France
  • Court Administration, Latvia
  • Office of the National Council of Justice, Hungary
  • East West Consulting (EWC), Belgium
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