Assistance in the Legal Reform of Kazakhstan: Notary Reform

August 2001 – September 2003

EuropeAid Cooperation Office, SCR-E/10172/C/SV/KZ

The project’s overall objective was to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Justice to implement the legal and regulatory systems in areas key to the functioning of a market system. The immediate objectives were to improve the policy and legal framework for the development of notaries’ activities, to contribute to the institutional development of the Notary Chambers, to enhance the professional skills of private, state notaries and the competent staff of the Ministry of Justice and increase public awareness about notary services. For this purpose the main components of the project were: provision of policy advice, institutional capacity building, training and communication and information activities.

Implementing Institutions

  • ABU-Consult GmbH, Germany
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece
  • T.M.C. Asser Institute, Netherlands
  • Fuchs Thor & Partner, Germany