Violence, Racism and the Media; A pilot study for an Institutional and Extra-Penal Prevention Model – Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece

February 2002 – November 2002

EC – DG Justice and Home Affairs 

The project aimed to elaborate a comparative study between four European countries (United Kingdom, Greece, Italy and Belgium) on the penal and extra penal framework for the protection of juveniles from the presentation of violence and social racism by the media. Additionally, a code of ethics for a) mass media b) judicial authorities c) the administration, competent independent authorities etc. have been elaborated and the creation of a European observatory has been proposed. The outcome of the study has been presented in an international conference, will be compiled in a volume and is accessible through the projects’ web site. 

Implementing Institutions

  • Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece 
  • University of Ghent / Research Group of Criminology, Belgium 
  • University of Middlesex / Centre for Criminology, G. Britain 
  • University of Lecce, Italy