Thematic legal study on homophobia and discrimination on ground of sexual orientation – Greece

December 2007 – February 2008

FRA 2-2007-3100-01, Lot 6: Greece

The main objective of this thematic study is to provide country specific information and data on legislation and legal practice addressing homophobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. The study focussed on the legal framework related to the implementation of Directive 2007/78/EC, the freedom of movement, asylum and subsidiary protection, family reunification, freedom of assembly, criminal law, hate speech and transgender issues. In addition the thematic study attempts to identify “good practice” , namely legal provisions, measures, projects and other initiatives by public authorities, which are effective or innovative and could serve as model for other member states and European Union institutions. The national thematic studies will constitute the main background material for comparative analysis at EU level.

Implementing Institutions

  • Centre for European Constitutional Law
  • “Antigone” – Information and Documentation Centre on racism, ecology, peace and non violence