Study on the institutionalization of the Standard Cost Model – Greece

October 2008 – November 2008

Operational Programme “Information Society”, Measure 5.1

The study aims at elaborating a study on the institutionalization of the Standard Cost Model (SCM), as a measure for better regulation, in the greek legal order and administrative praxis. The study will analyze the following key issues in relation to the institutionalization of the SCM: 1) the policy framework, including the mapping and assessment of the present situation regarding the simplification of administrative procedures, 2) methodological issues, including financial, administrative and social burdens, 3) legal issues, identifying the key issues to be included in consistent (framework) legislation on simplification, 4) specific issues including the costs to be measured, 5) public consultation issues in relation to the implementation of the SCM, 6) authority/ies competent for the coordination of the measurement of administrative burdens and 7) authority/ies competent for the monitoring of the administrative burdens’ reduction targets. The study comprises of three deliverables: i) the policy framework for Simplification in Greece, ii) the Standard Cost Model in theory and practice and iii) the draft legislation for the consolidation of the policy on the simplification of administrative procedures in Greece.

Implementing Institutions
Centre for European Constitutional Law