Preparation of policy studies and surveys for supporting decentralization reform in FYRoMacedonia

July 2003 – December 2003

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) MCD/02/U07 Strengthening of the Ministry of Local Self-Government

The project aimed to provide the Ministry of Local Self-government and other line Ministries and Government institutions of FYROM with policy/technical studies and analysis that will help respective institutions in preparing the new and amending the current legislation and/or for policy recommendations. 

It specifically consisted in the elaboration of two (2) surveys and two (2) policy studies addressing the following themes:

  • Municipal organizational structure related to competency transfer. The survey presented the main problems and proposed relevant solutions, especially, in front of the new competencies that were going to be transferred.
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the human resources in municipalities. This survey has examined the consistency of the rational human resources management in local self-governments.
  • Modern audit mechanisms for municipal administration. The study has been prepared based on analysis of the different concepts of controlling, with particular focus given to the systems that exist in the European countries.
  • Administrative communication between central and local government. This study has shown ways to keep the municipalities always posted about recent developments at the central government level, as well as patterns in which central administration could be consulted with the municipalities before decision-making.

Implementing Institutions
The Centre for European Constitutional Law was responsible for the scientific co-ordination of the project.