Study and implementation of process reengineering to reduce administrative burdens and administrative costs

February 2010 – July 2011

Operational Programme “Administrative Reform”

The Standard Cost Model is the methodology adopted by the European Union for the measurement and reduction of administrative burdens. The Standard Cost Model is used for calculating the burdens emanating from regulations in baseline measurements and annual measurements after their reduction. The EU applies the Standard Cost Model for the reduction of administrative burdens in EC legislation, while the member states need to adapt it to the peculiarities of their legal orders. The project aims at elaborating a study on all crucial aspects related to the institutionalization of the Standard Cost Model (SCM), as a better regulation tool, in the greek legal order and administrative praxis. The project objectives are the following : 
1) the policy framework, including the mapping and assessment of the present situation regarding the simplification of administrative procedures, and consecutively the adjustment of the Standard Cost Model to the Greek framework
2) the creation of IT solutions to support the implementation of the Standard Cost Model
3) capacity building aiming at public authorities competent for the coordination of the measurement of administrative burdens and competent for the monitoring of the administrative burdens’ reduction targets
4) legal issues, identifying the key issues to be included in consistent (framework) legislation on simplification, 
5) elaboration of baseline measurements using the Standard Cost Model in selected policy areas.

Implementing Institutions

  • Centre for European Constitutional Law, Greece
  • Intracom IT Services, Greece