Framework for participatory E-Democracy for the impact assess-ment of the Regulations/Decisions of Public Administration – Greece

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November 2006 – November 2008

Information Society S.A.

The objective of the project is to elaborate a methodological framework for participatory e-democracy for the impact assessment of Regulations /Decisions of the Public Administration; namely the formulation of principles/directions, models, procedures and practices/methodologies for the control of the quality of normative regulations/decisions (existent and new), as well as the analysis of the impact of such regulations on the affected population. 

The project comprises of the following components: a) elaboration of a methodological framework for participatory e-democracy for the assessment of Regulations/Decisions of the Public Administration, b) impact assessment of normative regulations, on the basis of the meth-odological framework of participatory e-democracy, with pilot application in Regulations/Decisions that pertain to sectors with direct influence to enterprises and citizens, c) elaboration of educational material and transfer of know-how to the staff of Public Administration through training seminars, d) coordination and support of the staff of public institutions and social partners that will participate in the work groups and the committees of the project.

Implementing Institutions

  • Diadikasia S.A.
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law
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