Call for trainers for the Transnational Training of Trainers workshop

The EU-funded project PACE “Creating Privacy Awareness in Civil Enforcement” examines the intersection of civil enforcement and data protection and aims to contribute to the effective and coherent application of EU data protection law in civil enforcement procedures.

The PACE Project is announcing a call for trainers to deliver the Training of Trainers workshop (ToT) for enforcement agents and/or their staff (especially data officers) which will take place during January and February online, tentatively scheduled between 12-14/2/2024.

The Training of Trainers Workshop (ToT)

The objective of the ToT workshop is to develop a sustainable training programme for the enforcement agents with regard to the intersection of civil enforcement and data protection (the application of the GDPR).
The workshop will be dedicated to applying an instructional methodology for adult learning, developing presentation and facilitation skills, designing courses, curriculum development and preparing course material.

The Training of Trainers workshop will take place online between 12-14 February 2024 (i.e. 3 days, 18 hours in total) and two persons per EU member state are expected to participate as trainees.

Contents of the training: during the ToT, attention shall be given to didactic training; how to design and deliver training courses for adults; basic information and insight on data protection in civil enforcement; practical examples and exercises.

Requirements for trainers

The PACE project will select trainers to deliver the Training of Trainers seminars. The profile of the trainers is the following:

  • A very good understanding of the work of enforcement agents, including knowledge of the enforcement legal framework and procedures;
  • A good understanding of data protection;
  • Experience in designing and delivering training and developing training materials on data protection or data protection in civil enforcement
  • Practical experience in working as an enforcement agent or in enforcement agents office or agency, as Data Protection Officer, in data protection authorities, etc.
  • Good command of English

Tasks of the trainers

  • Designing the agenda of the ToT training on the basis of the Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
  • Preparing training materials for synchronous and a-synchronous training, including case studies
  • Delivering online ToT sessions alone or in cooperation with other trainers
  • Facilitating group work during the trainings
  • Providing feedback to trainees
  • Providing feedback on the training as a whole

In case you are interested:

Please forward us:

  1. your CV, preferably in EuropeAid format
  2. The application form filled in and signed

In the following email addresses: or

Deadline: 5th February 2024 (EOD)

End of the selection process: 5th February 2024