Political Parties in the 21st Century

D.TH.TSATSOS – E.VENIZELOS – X.CONTIADES (EDS),  Political Parties in the 21st Century,  Athens 2004, p. 362.

«The present volume consists of original texts by distinguished academics and researchers from several European countries, which were presented during the International Conference “Political Parties in the 21st Century”, organized in Athens by the Centre for European Constitutional Law – Themistokles & Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation (CECL). Through an interdisciplinary approach, this body of work aims to address the major issues concerning contemporary problems, challenges and transformations affecting the future of political parties. We hope that it will instigate further scientific and political dialogue in this particularly important field».

[Extract from the preface of Professors Dimitris th. Tsatsos, Evagelos Venizelos, Xenophon Contiades]