Support to the constitutional court of Georgia

May 2014 – November 2016

Origin of funding
The Delegation of the European Union to Georgia

The overall objective of this contract is to strengthen the rule of law and human rights protection in Georgia in line with Georgia’s international commitments. The purpose of this contract is the Institutional Strengthening of the Constitutional Court of Georgia. This will contribute to the effective performance of the Court’s functions, e.g. ensure the quality of constitutional review, respect for the separation of powers, ensure the quality of the adjudication on treaties, by-laws, and regulations vis-à-vis the basic principles of the Constitution of Georgia as well as fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined therein and in international acts.

Specifically, the purpose is to build the capacity of the Constitutional Court and thus achieve the below three results:
1. Development of the legislative framework of the CCG.
2. Strengthening the Institutional Capacities of the CCG
3. Public Awareness Campaign on the CCG

The primary target groups are: Judges of the Constitutional Court of Georgia; Staff of the CCG from the department of Research and Legal Provision, Secretariat of the President (International RelationsOfficer, Protocol Officer, the Press Officer), Organizational and Financial Units; Other State institutions depending on the functioning of the CCG like Courts of the general Jurisdiction; Office of the Public Defender of Georgia, etc. 

Secondary target groups are: Citizens and other persons on the territory of Georgia subject to the functioning of Georgian Judicial institutions; Legal NGOs, other institutions and persons benefiting from the functioning of Georgian Judicial institutions.

Implementing Institutions

  • Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics (AU), 
  • T. M C. Asser Instituut (NL)
  • DMI Associates (FR)
  • BIRD (DE)
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law