RACCOMBAT: Preventing and Combatting Racism and Xenophobia through Social Orientation of Non-Nationals

CECL, in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Democracy in Bulgaria, UNIVERSITEIT ANTWERPEN in Belgium, EUROPAISCHES TRAININGS UND FORSCHUNGSZENTRUM FUR MENSCHENRECHTE UND DEMOKRATIE in Austria, ASOCIATIA PRO REFUGIU in Romania and SABIEDRISKAS POLITIKAS CENTRS PROVIDUS in Latvia is currently implementing the project “Preventing and Combatting Racism and Xenophobia through Social Orientation of Non-Nationals (RACCOMBAT)”.

The project is based on a broader view of two-way integration and adaptation efforts, which promote equal opportunities and respect for everyone’s rights and contribute towards better understanding among communities. To this end, best practices, often scattered throughout Member States, should be explored in combatting racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance by promoting the laws, customs and values of society, knowledge about relevant institutions and intercommunal activities throughout the entire process of induction, adaptation and ultimate integration of migrants. Those best practices should be collected and described in a consistent and comparable manner to form an overall conceptual framework for introducing tolerance and non-discrimination topics throughout the whole integration path of non-nationals.

To achieve these, the project involves a number of actions:

Mapping and analysis of language and social orientation programmes throughout the EU
Collection of best practices in language and social orientation to foster mutual understanding and prevent and counter hate and intolerance
Guidelines to incorporate tolerance and mutual respect in integration of non-nationals
Dissemination, digitization and stakeholder involvement
The project duration is 22 months.

Update, April 2019:

Attached you can find (in greek) the “Guidelines on incorporating tolerance and mutual respect in language tuition and social orientation of refugees and migrants”.