Elaboration of training and educational material on school violence and bullying

November 2014- July 2015

Origin of funding
Ministry of Education / Special service for education’s actions implementation


The project objective is double-fold: on the one hand to prepare training and information material on the phenomenon of school violence and bullying and on the other hand to assess the phenomenon in Greek schools. In specific, the project is expected to:
• enhance awareness of school violence and bullying among beneficiaries (teachers, parents, students)
• to enhance the capacity of teachers and education officials to diagnose, prevent and address the phenomenon in the school environment
• to conduct research and evaluate the phenomenon of school violence and bullying in Greek schools
• to contribute to social empowerment in-school and at local level
• to promote effective cooperation between schools, families and the local community for the prevention and treatment of phenomena of school violence and bullying
The services offered by means of the project include:
a) Design and elaboration of training material for teachers, parents, students on issues related to the diagnosis, prevention and management of school violence and bullying phenomena. This material will be used to raise awareness within education officials, teachers, parents and students around the country
b) Design of classroom and distance learning programs for teachers on issues related to school violence and bullying
c) Design and development of a method and tools for the regular assessment of the phenomenon of school violence and bullying and conducting related research in school communities around the country.

Implementing Institutions
Centre for European Constitutional Law