Elaboration of studies


December 2013-October 2014

National Confederation of Disabled People


The project pertains to the elaboration of three distinct research studies, the main sunject of which is presented below:

Study 1: «Discrimination and barriers to employment opportunities of university graduates with disabilities». The objective of this study is to identify the barriers and discrimination faced by higher education graduates with disabilities in the work market compared to other general population graduates and to identify supporting measures for the duration of their studies as well as post graduation. The implementation period is eight months.

Study 2: «Training needs assessment of people with disabilities living in institutions and social care structures». The study aims to assess the lifelong learning training needs of disabled people who live in institutions and are social care service users. The implementation period is six months.

Study 3: «Discrimination and barriers faced by disabled people in the primary, secondary and post-secondary education». The objective of this study is to identify and document the barriers and unequal treatment faced by people with disabilities in the educational system, specifically at the primary, secondary and post-secondary level. The objective is to formulate policy proposals addressing critical issues in the education of people with disabilities, such as exclusion, discrimination, low educational level, school dropouts. The implementation period is ten months.

Implementing Institutions
Centre for European Constitutional Law