White Paper on State Reform

August 2011 – March 2012

Operational Programme Administrative Reform

The purpose of this project is the elaboration of a “White Paper on the Sate Reform” and the new governance model, which will serve as the central document of governmental principles and strategic choices in the direction of public administration policy reforms in Greece. The White Paper will constitute a comprehensive policy document, which will on the one hand incorporate the governmental priorities, principles, rules and objectives of good governance, and on the other hand all those structural and functional changes deemed necessary to achieve the objectives of the administrative reform program. More specifically, the project activities include: a) analysis of international practices and experience, b) analysis of the administrative and political system in Greece, c) development of guidelines for the reorganization of the White Paper and participatory identification of needs and problems and d) consultation and finalization of the White Paper text

Implementing Institutions

  • European Public Law Organization (EPLO), Greece
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL), Greece