Provision of comprehensive local support services and care to pour families with children

November 2009 – April 2011

Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance

The project objective is to develop and implement an intervention of “Comprehensive local support services to poor families with children” aiming at their empowerment through childcare measures and support to the parents, with ultimate goal to eradicate the enduring cycle of poverty and deprivation (deprivation cycle). The proposed services are comprehensive in nature, respond to the multifaceted dimensions of deprivation, and include activities such as: (a) providing support, counseling, information and guidance targeted at children up to 16 years old and their families across the range of their potential needs; (b) providing individualized social care services with emphasis on the empowerment of children (c) providing advice and support to parents associated with active measures to promote employment of parents, especially women (d) Initiation and training of volunteers to provide home support and practical assistance.

Implementing Institutions
– Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL), Greece
– General Secretariat of Management of European Funds (EYSEKT), Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, Greece
– Municipality of Gastouni, Greece
– Municipality of Keratsini, Greece
– Municipality of Ano Liosia, Greece
– Municipality of Xanthi, Greece
– «Support Center for Children and Family – Social and Educational Action», Greece
– National Authority for the Protection of Child’s Rights – NAPCR, Romania