Immigration policy 2.0 – Participatory Immigration Policy Making and Harmonization based on Collaborative Web2.0 Technologies

September 2010 – September 2013

7th Research Programme

The objective of the project is to create an environment which motivates and strengthens the participation of citizens in the policy making process. Using ICT technologies (notably Web2.0, Web Services, Business Process Modelling, the semantics web and policy models), the project will pilot a range of citizen-centric services, targeting both citizens and decision makers, aiming in particular:

  • To empower public administrators, politicians, decision makers and other stakeholders to develop and test policy models, evaluate scenarios (“what-if” process) and collaborate towards harmonizing migration policy texts.
  • To facilitate access to information for citizens (in particular immigrants) and to empower them to voice their opinion and evaluate various migration-related proposals and policies. 

Implementing Institutions

  • Atos Origin, Spain
  • Singular Logic, Greece
  • University of Piraeus, Greece
  • Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL), Greece
  • BoC Group EU, Austria
  • European Forum for Migration Studies, Germany
  • Integration and Migration Foundation, Estonia
  • Comune di Forli, Italy