Collection / Codification of legislation – Collection of Greek Courts Reports & European Union Court Reports – Proposals to simplify the implementation of legislation

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March 2012 – September 2013

Ministry of Internal Affairs – Secretariat for Gender Equality

The overall project objective is to improve and simplify the regulations in the field of Gender Equality, in order to render them more effective and usable by the administration, the courts and the control mechanisms. Specifically, the project comprises three phases: the first phase involves the collection / codification of the sum of legislation and regulations of the Greek and the European Community Law which is applicable both directly and indirectly to gender equality; the second phase involves the collection of Greek courts and European Court Reports, related to the implementation of gender equality; the third phase includes proposals to simplify the implementation of legislation on gender equality. The classification of the collected provisions will be done a) by field of law / policy and b) per user group, aiming at the easiest possible access to legislation by the beneficiaries / stakeholders

Implementing Institutions
Centre for European Constitutional Law

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