Human Rights in India. The issue of the castes namely of the “Untouchables”

Time: Sunday, 6th April 2008, 19.00
Place: Athens Acropol Hotel (1, Pireos str.)
Languages: English

The Indian Educational Mission Society in cooperation with the Centre for European Constitutional Law – Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation

organizes open meeting on Sunday the 6th of April 200819:00-21:00, at Hotel Athens Acropol (1, Pireos str.- Athens

«Human Rights in India. The issue of the castes namely of the “Untouchables”» 


Professor Evangelos Venizelos, Former Minister, Member of the Greek Parliament PA.SO.K 

Assistant Professor Linos-Alexandros Sisilianos, Member of the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 

Chanan Chahal, President, Federation of Ambedkarites and Buddhist organization 

Raju Kamble, President, Dr. Ambedkar International MissionCanada 

Ronki Ram, Reader at the University of Panjab, (Chd.) India 

The meeting will be coordinated by Ms. Maria Mousmouti, Executive Director of the Centre for European Constitutional Law