Conference on witness protection for southeast Europe and Caucaus

Time: February 4-7, 2008
Place: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Training Center of the National Bank of Greece
Languages: English

The Conference was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations – Office on Drugs and Crime in cooperation with the Centre for European Constitutional Law, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior.

Time: February 4th – 7th 2008

Place: Athens, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Giannis Kranidiotis) and Training Center of the National Bank of Greece


· The Challenge of Protecting Victims and Witnesses of Crime

· The UNODC good practices on witness protection

· Witness Protection in Court-Conditions and implications

· Protecting imprisoned witnesses

· Victim and Witness Care

· The Role of Civil Society

· Protecting informants and justice collaborators

· Witness in Terrorism Cases

· Setting up a Witness Protection Program

· Entering Witness Protection: Change of Identity and Relocation

· International Cooperation in the Relocation of Protected Witnesses

The Conference will be closed to the public