Welcome to the website of the project
Establishment of an Institute "STATE AND LAW" at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

The project "Establishment of an Institute State and Law in the Academy of Sciences in Moldova" was a joint initiative of the Centre for European Constitutional Law-Themistokles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova .

In line with the European Union, to strengthen research and innovation, the project's objective was to transfer specific know-how for the creation of a modern research Institute in the Academy of Moldova, which could play a significant role in the training and dissemination of European law in Moldova. Through the successful implementation of the activities of the project, the Institute would have an enhanced capacity to undertake teaching and research activities for the enhancement of rule of law, democratic governance and harmonization of the legislation with the European acquis and European integration.

To attain this objective a number of activities were implemented in the course of the project: preparation of internal organization, strategy and infrastructure needs analysis of the new Institute, preparation of curricula, pilot delivery of curricula and training of the staff of the institute, organization of an International Conference, publication of the papers presented in the conference, and the construction of the present website.

The duration of the project was 12 months. Activities were held in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, and Athens. Greek, Romanian and English have been used as working languages.

All project activities were financed by the International Development Cooperation Department of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Hellenic Aid).