"Linking education and the market A pilot project targeting on women"

Activity I: Qualitative survey on labor market needs for young women

Elaboration of a qualitative survey aiming at the identification of the qualifications required by the labor market for young women graduates, as well as the qualifications missing from young women graduates in order for them to be integrated in the labor market. The survey was conducted through 400 questionnaires, answered by female graduates of Jordanian universities randomly selected on the basis of a snowball sampling procedure. The aim of the survey was to accomplish a detailed exploration of the conditions of women' current participation in the labour market and their future career aspirations as well as an effort to form a general impression about the way crucial skills for the labour market are promoted through courses offered in the Jordanian Universities.

Activity II: Screening of educational curricula

Based on the outcomes of the survey, curricula for providing the missing skills to the target group were proposed. Existing training curricula from two major Jordanian Universities were screened and concrete proposals were made for adapting them to the requirements of the market.

Activity III: Proposal for a structure for linking education to the market

Based on the outcome of the previous activities a pertinent proposal was made for a structure, which could efficiently ensure liaison between education and the market. The organizational structure, competencies, services to be delivered, infrastructure and human resources needs were assessed and pertinent ways of education were proposed.

Activity IV: Visit of Greek research team to Jordan
During this activity the members of the Greek research team have had meetings of 3 days duration with the members of the Jordanian research team in order to coordinate the activities one, two and three

Activity V: Visibility activities
This activity aims to ensure the visibility of the project through:
" An open event in Amman. The event was held on the 20th of February 2007. During this event, the outcomes of the survey and the proposals were presented, followed by a discussion with the attendees.
" The printed publication of the qualitative survey and the proposals of the activities 2 and 3.
" The construction of a project's web site.

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