"Linking education and the market A pilot project targeting on women"

The project was implemented by the Centre for European Constitutional Law and the Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development, with the funding of Hellenic Aid. Its aim was to identify the skills missing from young women graduated from the Jordanian Universities, in order for them to successfully integrate the labour market, to propose curricula for delivering the missing skills and to undertake preparatory activities for establishing a structure delivering training on the required skills.

In order to achieve the above, the core of the project consisted in the implementation of a study, in order to explore the extent female university graduates in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have acquired important skills so as to enter and improve their position in the labour market. The study was conducted through the distribution of a self-administered questionnaire to four hundred female graduates of Jordanian higher education institutions as well as through the analysis of the curricula of sixty seven courses offered in two Universities (the University of Jordan and the Applied Science Private University).
The main focus of the questionnaires was on the provision of a detailed exploration of the conditions of women' current participation in the labour market and their future career aspirations.
At the same time, the screening of the Universities' Currirula was an effort to form a general impression about the way crucial skills for the labour market are promoted through courses offered in the Jordanian Universities.

The results from the above activities were used as the base for the formulation of a proposal for a structure for linking education to the market and the promotion of the integration of Jordanian women to it.

The project also includes Visibility Activities, for the dissemination of its results. These, were implemented through a Meeting held in Amman - Jordan, a printed edition of the results of the Study and the construction of a web page.

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