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"Enhancing women participation in social and economic life in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan"

The Project "Enhancing women participation in social and economic life in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" was implemented by the Centre for European Constitutional Law - Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation. The project's objective was to support equal participation of women in major aspects of public life in Jordan. The project was implemented with the assistance of the partner institution in Jordan, the Queen Zein al Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID). Following activities were implemented in the framework of the project:

1. Elaboration of a study on priority issues to achieve gender equality in Jordan
The study contains a presentation of the current situation in Jordan as regards promotion of equal rights for men and women, the Greek and European experience in the respective fields and an action plan to improve women's participation in social and economic life.
2. Organization of study visits and workshops
This activity included
a) The organization of a study visit of members of Jordanian NGOs in Athens from 12th to 16th June 2005. During their visit in Athens the NGO members participated in a workshop held at the CECL's premises, during which they got acquainted with the European gender equality policy and they were informed about the Greek experience in achieving gender equality in selected fields, such as family law, combating violence against women and promoting gender equality in employment. They also visited the General Secretariat for Gender Equality, Greece's public institution responsible for gender issues, as well as the Research Centre on Gender Equality Issues, an institution conducting research on gender issues and providing consulting and other services to women.
b) The organization of a second workshop in Amman on 3rd October 2005 with the participation of Greek experts, members of Jordanian governmental institutions, the Jordanian National Commission for Women and NGOs committed in women's rights in Jordan. During the workshop were presented the activities of the project and the results of the elaborated study. The participants exchanged views and experiences in subject matters related to the project, such as enhancing participation in economic life and improving institutional mechanisms for promoting gender equality issues.

All project activities were financed by the International Development Cooperation Department of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Hellenic Aid).

Duration - Location - Languages
The project has had an overall duration of 10 months (January - October 2005).
The project activities have been implemented in Athens and Amman.
The languages of the project are English, Arab and Greek.