Places and Sights to visit near Athens Greece

Places and Sights to visit near Athens Greece

Greece is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you like to explore new places and admire historical towns and monuments.

Sounion, Attica Prefecture

A short distance from Glyfada and Athens City, on the southern tip of the Attica prefecture, is the much-frequented seaside resort of Sounion. The area is most famous for its splendid Temple of Poseidon, which is a fine specimen of ancient Greek architecture and is situated above the Cape of Sounion. Recently, Sounion has become one of Attica’s prime holiday spots, with sandy beaches, sparkling waters and an abundance of hotels, night clubs, posh restaurants and traditional tavernas.


Delphi, Fokida Prefecture

During your holiday in Athens, we suggest taking a day trip to Delphi, which is located north of Athens, in the Prefecture of Fokida. It takes about 2,5 hours to reach Delphi. Known as “The Navel of the World”, Delphi possesses some very significant archaeological sites, such as the Oracle of Pithia and the exquisite Temple of Apollo, which also offers a spectacular view of Ancient Delphi. Various priceless artefacts were discovered during archaeological digs in the area and many of them are displayed in the brand new Archaeological Museum. If you are touring Greece in the winter, we recommend a trip to Mt. Parnassos for a day of skiing and other snow sports.


Nafplion, Argolida Prefecture

Nafplion, one of the most scenic and historical towns in Mainland Greece, is located a mere 148 kilometers from Athens. Visitors are absolutely enchanted by the neoclassical charm and fantastic sites of Nafplion, such as the Bourtzi Fortress, the Akronafplia Fortress and the Palamidi Castle. Along the seafront and in the quaint alleyways, there is a plethora of tavernas and cafes where you can relax and take in the unique atmosphere. At night, Nafplion is an exciting place, as its many bars and clubs are packed with people having fun until the wee hours of the morning.


Mycenae , Argolida Prefecture

The Ancient City of Mycenae, situated just north of Nafplion, is one of the jewels of Anceint Greece. The site is extremely impressive and includes great monuments of the Mycenaean Era, such as the Lion’s Gate, the Palace ruins, the Domed Tombs and the Iraio Sanctuary. Most of the artefacts found in the area are displayed in the Mycenae Archaeological Museum.



The Peloponnese
Corinth , Corinthos Prefecture

The historical town of Corinth, situated just 84 kilometers from Athens, is yet another wonderful place to spend a day. On your way to Corinth, you will pass by the Corinth Canal, otherwise known as Isthmos. It is a stunning structure and an ideal setting for taking photos. Several very important ancient sites can be found in Corinth, such as the Ancient City of Corinth, The Acrocorinthos Hill, the Archaeological Museum and the Iraio Sanctuary in nearby Loutraki. While in Corinth, you can spend a relaxing evening dining at the restaurants and tavernas by the seafront or having a drink at one of the many bars and clubs in town. If you are a bit of a gambler, you should go to the Loutraki Casino.


Epidaurus , Argolida Prefecture

Ancient Epidaurus, located east of Nafplion, is another world-famous site of Ancient Greece and a must during your trip to Argolida Prefecture. We suggest visiting the Ancient Epidaurus Theater, which is renowned for its excellent condition and fine acoustics, as well as the Ancient City ruins.